When He Knows Better

I haven’t been big into sharing news lately.  It feels like if I share news and I am excited about it then surely something bad will happen and I’ll have to come back around and tell you that it didn’t come to fruition.  But, I really need a break from packing and now is as good a time as any to share that…..we sold our house and bought a house in Austin a few weeks ago.

We sold our house July 13th and bought a house Friday the 17th.  The 12th through the 16th were real nail biter sleepless nights kind of days.  We went back and forth with our buyers 5 times and ended up selling for less than we wanted.  Then we went to put in an offer on the house we wanted in Austin only to find out they wouldn’t accept an offer from us because we had to do a contingent on the close of our home offer AND there were two other offers on that house so we were definitely not in the running.  This was my “Lord what are you doing moment?!?!”  The house had literally been on and off the market for a year and then the day we think we can finally put in an offer there are TWO offers on it.  So for a couple days we looked at rental properties, took a step back, tried to figure out what God wanted us to do, and then when everything seemed to fall through we decided to write an offer for our second choice house.  Our second choice was much cheaper, but also much smaller and the way we envisioned life in Austin would have been quite different in that house, but it looked like that was the direction we were supposed to go, so we went there.

We got the letter from the lender, had the offer ready to summit and then we got a text from our realtor….surprise, the house we wanted was asking us to make a contingent offer.  So then we had to take a couple hours and really decide how we wanted to proceed, ultimately we wanted the bigger house that looked like it would fit our life much better.  We decided to go in with our best offer which was actually less than asking price and let them know that we weren’t willing to negotiate so they could take it or leave it and we felt like if they walked then it just wasn’t supposed to be our house.  They accepted our offer and we bought a house!!  There are several little “daddy God knows you” things in this house that I’ll share about at another time, but let’s just say I’m a little giddy to get in here and put our taste in it.

The ONLY reason they were willing to entertain our offer was because there were two other offers on the table and they found out the offer they were going to accept was actually contingent on them selling their house, unlike ours which is contingent on the close.  When I heard there were offers on “our house,” the one we had chosen, gotten attached to, redecorated in our minds, pinterest board dreamed about I was feeling so devastated.  I felt like the floor had dropped out a bit and I had no direction for where we would be going when we got to Austin and then God showed me that he had it all worked out and I needed to just relax and TRUST.  It also put us in a fabulous negotiating position because I was forced to become emotionally detached from the house when it looked like it would be sold to someone else, so we were able to confidently offer what we wanted to pay instead of over paying because we really wanted it.

So now we close on our house here in Illinois in a week and will be relocating to Austin in a few weeks.  I’m so lucky we get to stop at my parent’s for a week in between, I can wrap up a few things at work, relax for a bit, let my girls soak up a little more Mimi and Papa time and start doing some dreaming with my mama about how I’m going to transform our new house on a shoestring budget!  Prayers for our family through this transition would be much appreciated, especially for our Ellery as this will likely affect her the most.

The biggest selling feature of this house!  We fell in love with this backyard and Ellery is SO excited to have a "park" in her backyard.  Everything else in the house is not really "us" yet so I'll be sharing more photos as I put my  touches on it.

The biggest selling feature of this house! We fell in love with this backyard and Ellery is SO excited to have a “park” in her backyard. Everything else in the house is not really “us” yet so I’ll be sharing more photos as I put my touches on it.


Operation Love Austin: May

Let me start off this post by clearing something up about yesterday’s post.  Ellery is healthy.  I didn’t even think about it until today, but I realized that the cryptic nature of yesterday’s post could lead you down a road that you need not go down.

Alright now that that’s out of the way here is our May event only about 5 weeks after the fact which means my belly in this picture is not at all what it looks like today!  We went to the Austin Zoo.  For those of you who have never been it’s an experience like no other zoo you have ever been to.  It is very, how do I say it, Austin.  Yes Austin is many times an adjective in our house.  Austin is a way of life, it’s natural-some might say hippie, it’s anything goes, it’s all about animals and their rights, it’s just different and if you’ve visited for any length of time you know what I mean by the zoo is very Austin.  This is a rescue zoo, almost all of the animals have a story of how they came to be at there.  Some people had lions living in their back yard or ordered animals through the internet which were confiscated at customs.  Some of the animals look pretty rough so if you want a sparkly experience this is not the place for you!  They have a great petting zoo as well where you can feed goats, sheep,deer, ducks and llamas.  Also back there are pigs and even a couple of kangaroos although you can’t pet the kangaroos unfortunately!  They have a lot of birds as well that people surrendered because they didn’t really realize the commitment of purchasing a bird that can live up to 80 years.  One of my favorite things about this place is the roaming peacocks.  Here are some pictures from our day:

This bird was definitely mating, wish I could have gotten a picture of him shaking it’s booty at the other peacock.

Such beautiful animals, wanted to pluck a feather.

This turtle was born the day after Andrew

A lot of these birds talk, some of them talk really creepy like they are quoting a recording or mimicking the radio.

Me, Ellery, and a beautiful tiger.

Operation Love Austin: April

For those of you keeping track I did not have an event in March.  I kind of did and then ended up going with my sister in law instead of my husband so I’m not counting it.  We were supposed to go to America’s Got Talent for our March event, but I realized Andrew didn’t really want to go and after going I realized he would have REALLY hated it! Moving on.

Andrew and I went on a quadruple date with old friends and brand new friends (as in we’d never met them before) on Saturday night.  We went to Peter Pan Mini Golf downtown Austin and then to PTerry’s for dinner.  Mini Golf was fun, and from what we know it’s the only place to play in Austin.  It’s BYOB so you can bring coolers and drink while playing.  Obviously this lady didn’t participate, actually no one in our group brought drinks, but next time I will definitely try to remember to bring something. PTerry’s is probably our favorite fast food restaurant ever and their milkshakes are amazing and are less than $2, that’s my kind of shake!  If you are in the Austin area it is a must have!  Apparently the “special sauce” on the burgers is amazing.  I have yet to try it, but my guess is it’s “fancy sauce” from Stepbrothers.  Fun night with good friends.  Won’t be playing mini golf again until after Ellery arrives, had to bend down 18 times which is getting increasingly more difficult.

Do we love Austin yet?  hmm not quite, but it really does get better every month.  We are meeting more people, making more friends and settling into a new church.  We still have 8 months to go so we’re on track to fall in love with this place by the end of this year!

February Edition

Operation Love Austin: February.  Our plans changed for February, we were planning to get tickets and go to Wicked and then I looked into prices and yikes, there was no way I was going to spend $150 for the worst tickets in the house and they went up a lot from there.  Our amazing realtor read my Operation Love Austin post and gifted us Austin Duck Tour tickets, so our February event was free.  We went on Saturday and let me tell you it was CHILLY.  Despite it being only like 55 it was packed and they had 2 full “buses” of people.  We got through the whole land tour and as we are driving down the road to get in the water the bus started smoking and anti-freeze starts pouring down the aisle.  The driver says, “oh hey I’ll just pull in right here,” and then it dies, right there in the road.  Luckily we weren’t in the water yet and within 10 minutes a new bus arrived to continue the tour.  It was really interesting to hear about the history of the city and a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.  Andrew is pretty much the last in line for fun, well silly fun, and basically refused to participate in any of the duck whistle parts of the tour, I can’t totally blame him, he gets it from his dad!  Here are a couple terrible pictures from our excursion:

What’s the plan for March, not sure yet.  I really want to go to the Post Secret SXSW show, but I know it will be insane since you can’t buy tickets.  Also that is not really Austin.  We should try to hit up something SXSW since that is totally a “hip” thing to do, maybe we’ll catch a music show of some kind.  You’ll just have to check back and see.

As Promised

I actually took a few pictures of our first event from Operation Love Austin.  Last night we went to Esther’s Follies downtown 6th street.  We had so much fun.  Honestly I think we both had to fight the urge to not go.  It has been a REALLY LONG WEEK.  Andrew has been doing work stuff until 7 or 8 every night, including last night and the little one I care for started a new sleep schedule and let’s just say I have a lot less time to myself!  The show was a mix of comedy musical numbers, sketches and magic.  They had a phenomenal illusionist.  I mean, really I had no idea how he did any of it.  We laughed a lot and it was really refreshing to go do something just the two of us.  Here are my sad attempts at pictures:

In the theater, yeah sorry the lighting was a little dim for a picture.

Not sure if this place was ever actually a pool, but that was the theme of the building.

The poster out front, can't wait to go back sometime when the show theme changes.