Thursday Latelies in Pictures

I decided I should jump back on the wagon for a while, but I didn’t have time to make a video so here are the things I’m loving this week.

I decided I needed something pink in my wardrobe since I’m going to be the mom of a girl so I bought this funky crow watch, it comes in tons of colors and it’s perfect to throw on with a casual outfit.



Fresh Flowers!  I never have them in my house, but between my shower and a thank you for hosting gift I have two bouquets and I’m thoroughly enjoying them!!


Oh my word, these itty bitty cloth diapers have me very anxious to have this little girl!  I literally hold these every night.  Andrew thinks I’m a total weirdo because this has been one of the main items that has me excited about having a kid.

Bought this bracelet in Marble Falls at a cute boutique called Plenty.  If you are ever there definitely check it out!!

Help Please!!

As I am preparing to venture into the new world of stay at home motherhood we are looking into some money saving opportunities.  This weekend we attempted to print some coupons to buy our supplies for Easter lunch.  Unfortunately the key word to this was attempted.  Our computer will not let us download the stupid coupon printers that all the websites we’ve seen require you to have.  Can anyone offer me any help on this?  Are there any coupon sites that don’t require a coupon printer?  Has anyone else had problems getting the coupon printer and been successful, if so, how do I do this?