My word for 2018.

As many of you know each year I ask God for a word to live by beginning in January. 2017 was the year of gratitude and that word was extremely helpful as I navigated the hardest year of my life. When God gave me this one for 2018 I literally went back to Him AT LEAST 5 times and said, “are you sure, I’d really like a different one,” but He continued to confirm my word for 2018 is transparency. And so friends, this will be the year where I will share some very personal things that our family was just not ready to publicly share last year. My posts will have to be very thought out and edited and I will have to run them by Andrew because this involves him the most, so the story will come out in small bits over the course of the year. Please be kind as I will be sharing intimate details of my family’s lives. As my mentor Pam has said so many times over the years, “The ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie.” So here we go in 2018, sharing our truth. Stay tuned….more to come soon(ish).

The word Transparency appearing behind torn brown paper.


My love turns 30 today. Like most men he hasn’t accomplished what he hoped to by age 30, but to me he’s given me everything, but the moon. My man is the most involved amazing dad I have ever seen. I love to hear the absolute glee from deep within Ellery when daddy gets her up in the morning after being gone a few days. He works hard for us, he supports my desire to stay home with our kids, and helps me dream what the future might look like for my career when they reach school age. He builds me up and points out my strengths. He loves justice and fights for me and will fight for our family. He will not settle for mediocrity, he is always seeking what the next step might look like for him. In just the past few years he has become a doctor, had 3 promotions within the same company and is so talented they let him move wherever he wanted in order to keep him. He is my favorite person, he is my home, he is the person I miss the most and the one I don’t tire of. He is the kind of man I hope our little girl marries one day and if God gives us boys I hope they aspire to be like him. He is loyal, honest, genuine, funny, patient and kind. And I’m so glad he’s mine! Love you love, happy 30th birthday, it’s gonna be a great year.


When I Knew

I heard recently that attitude or personality is what you see when someone gets hit in the head. It’s what comes out of someone in an unfavorable situation. It took me back to Christmas 2007 I went home with Andrew to meet the family when we were just dating ( little did I know he would propose a little over 2 weeks later). He didn’t know he’d be proposing either, but that’s a whole other story!

Back to Christmas 07 we went out to eat at the restaurant Andrew worked at in high school/college and before we got our food Andrew received a big unpleasant surprise. The waitress set a tray of someone’s soup on the ledge behind Andrew and somehow managed to flip it over and splash it ALL OVER ANDREW. It was like a scene out of a movie where he had to wipe the soup out of his eyes. He was drenched in French onion soup of all things. The other patrons in the restaurant waited for his reaction, some people took pictures of the incident with their camera phones and the waitress stood by the table flipping out. Andrew didn’t give the restaurant the show some were probably looking for, rather he calmly asked for napkins and then excused himself to the bathroom to try and wash up as best he could.

That day I knew I could spend the rest of my life with him. He was calm, kind, and he reacted better than most people would in that situation. I was so proud that he was mine in that moment and I could assure the waitress that he wasn’t going to let it ruin his day so she shouldn’t let it ruin her’s either.

It’s this calmness that still makes me proud to be his to this day. We’ve had some less than pleasant days over the last month with fixing our house up, preparing for our little ladies arrival. It’s been very frustrating, but he has handled it with more grace than most. We’ve been installing light fixtures by flashlight at 9PM, he has been painting the outside of our house from the minute he walks in the door from work until the last ounce of light has slipped under the horizon, and he’s been painting coat after coat on the bathroom vanity because his pregnant wife is forbidden. Oh and did I mention this has all been in the midst of a crazy work travel schedule!?!

Calm, that’s what comes out when Andrew gets “hit in the head.” I’m getting there, but not there totally yet. What attitude pops out in you when you’re put in an unfavorable situation?

Idle Song

Last night I realized Andrew has two go to songs. One is when we have Italian food and the other is his idle song. It’s the song he whistles when his mind goes blank. The Italian food song is something most of you probably know, I have no idea what it’s called, but typically Andrew just says da da da da da da da, or fills in using whatever food we are eating like lasagna or spaghetti. The idle song is something most of you probably forget about 11 months out of the year an even in the 12th month probably don’t sing it too often. The song he whistles when his mind goes blank is always Good King Wenceslas. That’s a challenging song to whistle and honestly he’s pretty spot on. I love that my man is quirky, it makes me seem more normal than I really am!

Cannot Imagine

I cannot imagine getting up everyday in the six o’clock hour.

I cannot imagine the pressure one must feel to provide for their family, like to know that someone truly depends on me for their needs to be met.

I cannot imagine what it’s like to drive over an hour a day to and from work in traffic.

I cannot imagine what if feels like to work hard nine hours a day without taking a break and coming home and working more before going to bed.

I cannot imagine what it is like to live with a woman who’s emotions are all over the place sometimes and can change in a moments notice.

Andrew doesn’t have to imagine this, he lives it almost everyday and I love and respect him for it.  He does all this without complaint (most of the time) and I think to myself, how lucky am I?

Twice as Nice

About once a month this is how our goodnight goes:

{We say our goodnight: how we are feeling, what we appreciate about each other, praying, final thoughts, a goodnight smooch, I love you, goodnight!} (This part is normal for every night) Here is the portion that happens about once a month… Then I lay in bed for about an hour and contemplate whether or not getting up and going to the bathroom again would help me fall asleep.  I toss and turn and finally get up and do my business.  Then I crawl back in bed, Andrew groggily sighs and says,”Well goodnight, love you” and comes over and plants a kiss on me.  I love that he slept for an hour, woke up and thought we hadn’t said goodnight yet and I get a goodnight all over again.  It happened last night and he didn’t remember this morning, I love it!

Careful the Ants will Bite You!

Oh Hudson, what an adorable child. He adores my husband, as in, when Andrew is around I’m chop liver, but all other times I totally rock. For Andrew’s Birthday Amanda asked him what he loved about Andrew and here my friends was his response: careful, kick the balls, the ants will bite you, plays trains, go fast, go potty!


Lord of the flies

Oh my word! This is going to sound like an exaggeration but I assure you it isn’t!! When we got home from our dinner and movie date I walked into our bathroom to find 10 huge flies flying around. I called Andrew in to kill them for me and he was able to kill every single one of them in 3 minutes with just a rolled up newspaper. Flies are MUCH slower here than in Illinois and they are also much bigger. We think the dead rodents in our attic attracted them to our house and they somehow got into our bathroom. Andrew was my hero tonight because I somewhat flipped out due to the sheer amount of pests. I’m thoroughly grossed out!!!!

What You’re Missing

If you aren’t friends with Andrew Campbell here are some things you are missing.

A True Intellect:  I love that my man is smart, like really smart, but more so than that, he loves information.  He knows a little something about a lot of things.  He knows what is going on in the news, the world and our city.  He is also fairly well read.

A Calm Presence:  You can be having the worst day or be totally frazzled and when he walks in the room you are quickly at peace.  He also knows when and how long to hug you when you are super tense.

A Man of God:  He loves God which is awesome, but the coolest thing about this is how he doesn’t shove it down people’s throat.  He respects people where they are and I’ve learned a lot from him in this area over the past 3 years.

Since moving here I have gained a new respect and a bigger love for my husband.  As I fell asleep last night I thought to myself…how lucky am I that I’m the one who gets to be with him?

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Why yes, yes there is.  While Andrew will not allow anyone to refer to him as doctor until he has deposited his dissertation sometime in the next couple weeks, I personally am celebrating his accomplishments.  I was so glad I had the privilege to sit in on Andrew’s defense and be the supporter in the back of the room.  I’ll give you a short play by play of the day so you all can feel like you got to be there.  Also for the record I wanted to let you know that I didn’t have ANY IDEA about what his talk was on, but it sounded pretty intelligent to me.

1:15  I arrived at home to an anxious ridden Andrew (understandably so).  We got our last minute things in order and headed out the door.

1:45 We arrived at the Krannert parking lot and hunted for a parking spot, it looked like we were going to have a hard time finding a spot, but Andrew stayed really calm and eventually we located a space.

2:00 We arrived at the office to get the projector supplies and headed to the conference room.

2:05 We encountered our first real glitch of the day…. none of the chords worked with our computer.  I began praying that we would find a chord quickly and that this wouldn’t wreck Andrew’s confidence.

2:15 Andrew arrives with a new chord, it works!  And then we begin to wait.  The clock moved SO SLOWLY until 2:50 when people began to arrive.

3:00 The time Andrew’s talk was scheduled to begin.  2 of his 4 committee members were there and so we sat in silence and waited, yes it was awkward.

3:05 All committee members were present, Andrew’s boss gave a short introduction including letting the room know that he met and married a local girl and is now FORBIDDEN to move back to the east coast…thanks for that.

Then Andrew rocked out the defense.  He presented with confidence and answered the questions to the best of his abilities.  The most amazing thing to me was after the questions they never said if he answered it or not, they just sat in silence so Andrew would just move on as if he didn’t feel totally awkward.  As his wife, this was the hardest part to watch.

3:45 Andrew finished up his talk and then they kicked us out.  No one really truly knows what will happen in the private portion.

4:15 I received this text: “We’re all good :)”

And that was that, this is the account of Andrew getting his PhD.  I can’t believe it’s finally over…for the most part.  Andrew will tell you constantly that he’s not done until he deposits, but I’ll take what I can get, I have my husband back.  And yes, you can call me Dr. Mrs. Andrew Campbell….haha just kidding.