Brain Purge

I’ve been meaning to write some posts, so instead of some posts you are getting one with lots of random thoughts.

1. I am really frustrated with how much spam I’m getting on here. Some days I get 50 spam comments. I can’t keep up with deleting them. Do any of my computer wizard friends have any recommendations? If so e-mail or Facebook post so I don’t have to weed through the spam to see yours.

2. Have you found a new blog reader after google reader shut down? If not, I’m really enjoying feedly. The aesthetic is great. Had a really rough time installing it, but once it was set up I really like it.

3. Once you get feedly set up may I suggest following my aunt’s pharmacy blog? She is really into natural remedies and she recently posted our story about Elle’s sleep. The natural colic drops are still working great! She is the best resource you can have because if you need a natural remedy you can e-mail her and she will ship it to you! She will also help you figure out what you need. I was cured of acid reflux I had for 15 years in the course of 90 days on natural remedies.

4. I have gotten spoiled that Andrew hasn’t been traveling much for work. He was in California this week and boy have I missed him.

5. I’m bidding doing flowers for a wedding this week and I’m realizing how much I used to enjoy it. And I’m crossing my fingers I get to do this one.

6. I have been addicted to sewing lately. Like literally when I have 3 free minutes I have been running to the machine and sewing for a few minutes.

7. My hair is majorly falling out. I’ve been stressing out about it which I’m told makes it worse 🙂 so now I’m taking suggestions for keeping my hair on my head. I’m thinking of cutting it much shorter to try to salvage what I have left until I can come up with a better solution. The mister hates this idea….

8. We are in the head hitting phase. I guess that is part of the exploration phase. So far the worst slam by far was when her upper lip hit the step and it bled so bad her face was covered in blood and I couldn’t find the source. That wasn’t my most fun mom moment. Lots of tears this month, but also lots of mama snuggling/comforting and that’s been kinda special. I am however looking forward to my sweet Ellery gaining a little more coordination.

9. Fall is AMAZING!!! How I missed it the last couple years. The leaves are beginning to chance and the husband and I have a hot date to the Illini game tomorrow, so looking forward to it!!!

10. And last, but CERTAINLY not least. I’m getting a new nephew in March!!

Sleep is Important

I feel like I have lots to write about, but no energy to do so. Ellery had two straight weeks of screaming in the night. Sometimes being up for a solid two hours. This would have been fine if I didn’t work because I would have napped when she did, but nap time means work time so by the second full week of this I was exhausted and irritable. So irritable that when Saturday rolled around I asked Andrew to get a sitter and take me to a movie. Our good friends came over and watched our sweetie while we saw Gravity in IMAX 3D. It was a good movie, but a great movie to watch in 3D. By the end of the movie I was somehow missing my girl and couldn’t wait to get home to squeeze her. That night I decided to explore another option for the sleeping. I went through my homeopathic medicine box and found colic drops. I read the back and while my child is 14 months old she had every single symptom so I tried them. She slept through the night and has every night since then. You better believe she’ll be getting these for awhile. I will say the drops were coupled with lots of prayer from us, family, and friends. It has made me much more thankful for those full nights of sleep. I have a lot of posts rattling around in this brain of mine. I have some sewing projects that I am almost done with that will free up more of my time to blog.


This was the year. This was the number that freaked me out. Why 28 you ask? Well because 28 was the last number that I had a goal for. Yes, I make yearly goals, but 28 was my last long term goal. You know 16 liscense, 18 adult, 21 have my first drink, 25 seemed like a big deal and then 28. 28 was the year that I planned to have our first kid, and since that happened 14 months ago I guess you can say I met my very last goal. I guess it’s time to make new ones. I had thought about thin by thirty, but honestly we could still be in the baby phase so I’m not holding my breath on that. The only real goals I have I am not sharing at this time, which is kind of strange because I am typically an open book, but “they” say the commitments you make secretly are more likely to happen so for now it’s between me and the mister.

This birthday was interesting. I was up until 1:00 with a screaming little girl and Andrew’s alarm went off at 6:15. I woke up to my least favorite thing (a thunderstorm) and couldn’t go back to sleep. A few years ago this would have absolutely derailed my day, but not today. I’m 28 and it is my time to be a mature adult, so I decided to make the best of it. I got up, sewed a little while, then took a shower in the quiet of my house. Got dressed, watched a show on Netflix and ate a giant cookie for breakfast. I refused to let the poor weather and lack of sleep ruin my day. Went to coffee with a friend, trip to the fabric store, worked a couple hours, sewed a little more, then Andrew got off work and we went shopping and to dinner. I took most of the day off too, no dishes, no cooking, and no bathing Ellery. Which actually turned out to be hilarious because she pooped in the tub and I did not have to deal with it.

But even the rainy day has it’s perks. The temps cooled off and when we pulled up to our house after dinner the full rainbow was over our house. To top it all off it’s our t.v. night so I’m kicking up my feet and enjoying the first day of a fantastic year. 28 is going to be a great.