Christmas for a Cause

I don’t know about you, but for me stores being open on Thanksgiving was a huge turn off. As in, my goal is to not really shop at stores this year. I feel like Christmas has become so obscenely focused on buying things and so unfocused on Jesus, family, love, giving, joy, peace, wonder, miracles, and all the other really beautiful things about this time of year. I don’t think if you shopped on Thanksgiving you are a bad person, or if you woke up at 4 AM the day after you are crazy. I get that people sometimes see the perfect gift for their kids or their family members and this one time of the year it’s cheap enough that they can afford it. I get it, but this year something just didn’t quite sit right with me so I sought out a different option.

So if you are someone I typically buy gifts for SPOILER ALERT, this post talks about the kinds of gifts you’ll be receiving this year, so if you tend to get things from me please read no further and PLEASE do not click on the links.

This year we decided to buy gifts for people that would also benefit someone else. We are still giving gifts, but the criteria for each present is that someone has to be helped with what we purchase. Some things are a One to One type gift (like Toms Shoes) where when we buy something someone gets the same type item. Other things benefit the artisans that made it, also known as fair trade. While other items benefit something completely unrelated, like buy this item and we’ll donate food to 20 people in Africa. I looked for a comprehensive list of these type websites and came up short, so while this is by no means comprehensive it will get you started if you choose to purchase gifts like these this year. If you know other cause related items please leave it in the comments and I’ll add the links.

For the person who has everything and doesn’t want gifts you can gift some animals to feed villages through WORLD VISION.

For the Jewelry Lover in your life I am especially fond of NOONDAY which is a fair trade company based out of Austin, Texas that creates a pathway out of poverty for people all over the world.

For the Book Lover in your life I’m really digging OUT OF PRINT which is a company that helps support literacy in the United States. This is a ONE TO ONE company.

Toms has a bunch of great One to One company’s highlighted. I had no idea they had so much more than shoes on their website until I started on this quest for a Christmas with a cause. This link will take you straight to their new marketplace.

For some fun t-shirts that donate mosquito nets to Malaria stricken areas, SPREAD SOME LOVE is a great option for the t-shirt lover in your life.

For the Runner in your life BOMBAS socks are pretty sweet and they are a ONE TO ONE company. They are also really fun looking running socks in my humble opinion.

For the dressier man in your life Charles Mark and Sons have some great dress socks and with each pair you purchase they donate a pair of socks to homeless people. I never really thought about how badly homeless people need socks, but when you think about it, they are the first thing in your wardrobe to get holes and you are likely able to be much gentler on your socks.

For the Lounging enthusiast in your life Punjammies takes a stand against human trafficking and offer really fun printed pajama pants.

It kind of stinks to stop there, because I’m sure there are so many more and I will add them as I find them, but this is what I have come across for now.