99 Mile Vacation

I drove 99 miles last week and went on a free vacation. It’s exactly 99 miles from my front door to my parent’s front door. When I found out Andrew would be in Dallas for 6 days I took the weekend off from serving at church, cleared my calendar, scheduled a couple days of work in the office and packed my bags. It was exactly what I needed. My dad had been alone for 12 days at this point while my mom was down south loving on her grandsons and he was SO ready for the company. Ellery and I were treated like queens. He took our meal requests, went to the grocery everyday, made the BEST SALADS EVER, grilled out everynight, took walks, went to the mall, took Ellery to the park and even treated us to Ellery’s first frozen yogurt experience.

I took a day off from work and spent an entire day with my bestie and her little girl who I hadn’t seen since the end of January. We went to lunch, took two walks, chatted while both our babes slept and just chilled. I missed that woman and I missed just casually hanging out.

My mom came home Saturday late and I enjoyed catching up with her. We could have talked for hours, but my dad urged us to go to bed…we eventually headed that way. My mom “adopted” a foreign exchange student from UofI while she was in the airport and Sunday we took her to lunch. My parents loved having an exchange student a few years ago and when the program ended and it was no longer an option they were pretty bummed. Lucky for my mom a girl from Brazil who knew not a sole sat by her at the airport and she and my dad have now taken her under their wings. I’m talking like taking her to lunch, driving her to her first day of work, helping her locate a bed, get furniture, bedding, groceries, etc. Yes, I was raised by hospitable people so if you wonder why I’m always encouraging you to just stay the night when we are hanging out this is why. I’d love to wake up, make some pancakes and chill with you. I’m not weird, this is my normal people. Someone take me up on the offer sometime please!

Coming back to reality was really hard and I kinda had to re-acclimate to responsibility. While I love being a wife and mom I don’t so much love going to the grocery store, planning meals, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, etc. It was also nice to have so much help with Ellery. Andrew is a huge help, but grandparents are different. They crave taking care of the munchkin so I didn’t really do a whole lot. Super refreshing. Not that I want my husband to travel, but if ever he goes on a trip like this again, you better believe I’ll be driving the 99 miles to enjoy the help, company, and pampering! Thanks Mom and Dad!


It’s not often that I’m speechless. But lately when it comes to the blog I have been just that. Nothing I can think of is important enough to write about and I think I can finally put my finger on why this is. I’m consumed. Absolutely consumed with motherhood right now. Not to be confused with overwhelmed. Honestly motherhood for me is rather underwhelming (I have one child remember). Many days we don’t leave the house. I’m content to play on the floor, sing songs on my ukelele to Elle, color, snuggle up and watch Daniel Tiger, do laundry, fix meals, wash dishes, read books, naptime, watch an elmo, read more books and then wait for daddy to get off work. It has been my commitment since day one of the blog that no matter what stage of life I’m in the blog would not change to be a blog about that. But everything that I want to write about pertains to my kid and how stinking awesome she is and NO ONE, with the exception of grandparents, wants to hear about that. So I just chose silence instead. So to be fair I just wanted to let you know that’s where I’ve been. I’ve followed a lot of blogs for years and when they go silent for awhile I always wonder. Is everything ok? Why aren’t they writing? What’s new in their life? etc, etc, etc. So the update is: everything is good. I’ve wanted to post pictures of our kitchen upgrades, but the perfectionist in me can’t bring myself to do it because our floors are still HIDEOUS and will be that way until we save our pennies for a new one, not literally, we are not doing a penny floor. I keep telling myself “just show some progress shots”, so maybe I’ll talk myself into that. I will be back to writing consistently. Give me until mid-april, ok? I have some things planned between now and then so I know I won’t be committed to anything and until then I’ll just post something whenever it strikes me and sometimes you will absolutely have to deal with me writing about my kid because like I said she is pretty stinking awesome.