Ellery 4 YEAR letter

To our kind and considerate Ellery Wynn,

Four going on fourteen.  You’ve started saying things like “seriously mom,” I’m not exactly sure where you got that phrase or the sassy tone to go with it.  For the most part you are super considerate.  If I’m busy preparing for something you’ll come up to me and ask, “mom, what can I do to be helpful right now?”  I find this so incredibly endearing and it’s a habit that I absolutely adore, I also have no idea where you picked this up.  You will even think about what Vaughn might miss while she is napping and save television shows for later because you think Vaughn might want to watch it.  You’re laugh right now is hysterical and you have a great sense of humor.  Your favorite hobby is taking pictures which I have to frequently delete from my phone so I actually have storage space left.  You are an avid reader, and I don’t just mean you look at books.  You are a READER, like at least second grade level, which both blows me away and terrifies me, because WHAT WILL YOU DO IN KINDERGARTEN?!?!  This is truly no credit to your dad or me, you just were genuinely interested in reading and essentially taught yourself with a few videos and paying attention to words while we read to you.  One day you were playing with a friend and said, ” That’s actually called a dromedary, not a camel, because that one only has one hump.”  Later I asked how you knew that and you immediately recalled that it was from a book that you read in your bed at night sometimes, wowzas!  This year sleep has been one of our biggest issues, I would say 5/7 nights per week you have woken up screaming and begged us to come to our bed, and basically we let you every single time.  I used to have a very strict rule about no kids in the bed and then I realized you’ll outgrow this phase so I better enjoy it while it lasts.  It is starting to sink in that this is my last long summer with you ever, which basically has me wanting to homeschool you so I don’t have to come to terms with sending you to school in mid-August every year from here on out. Since turning four you have become incredibly brave, one example of this is tubing.  You went tubing with Hudson and me last weekend on the lake and I was so proud of how long you stayed on and enjoyed it.  Your Dad is SO sarcastic, which is completely lost on four year olds.  He is probably going to give you an anxiety disorder before the age of five, but you are STARTING to sense when maybe he’s not being total serious and you’ll incessantly ask, “dad are you just kidding????” until he finally answers “yes, or course I’m just kidding.”  He has also convinced you that Yittle Baby (instead of little baby) is actually a term that means big girl and you make sure to tell everyone that is what it means.  I love spending time with you, especially one on one, and I’m committing to being more intentional about our time together this year while you still want to be around me!  You are sweet and enraging, funny and challenging, considerate and selfish, basically you have become a whole human being this year and I just love having you in our lives.

Love you forever,



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To Andrew on our 8th anniversary,

Today we have been wed for 8 years. 2,992 days of me and you doing this life together committed to one another on the good days and bad ones too.  There have been a lot of highs and lows in that time, but when I look back on THIS particular year I will look back with fondness.  Moving across the country with you, yet again, has definitely been an adventure, it really show us what we’re made of when we have to start over, make new friends, fit in to a new culture, and do hard things that we don’t want to do (there have been plenty of those).  You have been supportive, kind, loving, encouraging, sacrificial and calm through all of it.  And then in the midst of our crazy life and trying to settle in I came to you and said I felt like I was really supposed to start a coaching business and you have been nothing, but supportive and excited for me.  Helping me brainstorm ideas, talking about the business way more than someone would want to, and celebrating every little victory I have had with this thing.  We committed on our honeymoon to get away for the weekend every year for our anniversary and let’s just say we had no CLUE how impossible that would actually be once kids came into the picture.  Between births and nursing, kids have pretty much disrupted this idea every year for the past 4 years, and last year was the double whammy of nursing AND moving the next day.  Someday, my love, we will sit on a beach reading and relaxing and honestly probably talking about our kids and how funny they are and how we are so glad we have each other and them.  That day is coming, but today we woke up with a warm body between us because she can’t bear to spend an entire night in her own bed.  We groggily stumbled down the stairs and worked out in our own corners, I blended shakes for breakfast and remarked about how different life looks 8 years later.  And then I kissed you goodbye and sent you out the door for you to work hard for us all day so that we can have the life we have, and I can raise our babies at home.  It’s not the beach, but man, I’m one lucky lady that I get this life with you.  Better days are coming (and worse ones too) and I will live them all with you.

Love you forever,


I looked through my phone and this is the only somewhat recent one of just the two of us, yikes we need to take a photo together soon!

I looked through my phone and this is the only somewhat recent one of just the two of us, yikes we need to take a photo together soon!

And one where we don't look like lunatics :)

And one where we don’t look like lunatics 🙂