So when I started working we decided it was time to budget. I realize this is a really odd time to start budgeting, but prior to this our goal each month was to spend as little as possible. Now that I’m working we have a little wiggle room. I now have a small budget for me and Ellery which is nice considering we are nearly out of hand me down clothes and I absolutely must have warm things for her to wear this winter. In this area it’s been nice. I’ve been buying myself a few new things to wear and I feel the freedom to buy a few things for Elle when I see them on sale. It has, however, started really stressing me out in areas that are not expendable. Groceries….oh my word…we went $251 OVER last month which was our first month on the budget. I was starting to panic a smidge, ok maybe slightly more than a smidge. Then I tried Aldi and our budget is saved!! I can’t say enough good things about Aldi. We have a nice new one by us. It’s clean, small, few choices, I can do my whole shopping trip in less than 30 minutes and today I discovered that it has my favorite humus that I thought only existed in Texas. I also appreciate the eating out budget, it causes me to really think about if I need that sandwich or ice cream cone. Maybe it’ll help us lose weight even! Everyone has always told us that budgets create freedom, I am finally starting to see how this MIGHT be true for us.

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  1. I love having a budget–but I can never seem to find the time (OK, make it a priority) to reconcile what we spend to our budget. If you or any of your readers have tips for this I would LOVE to hear them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Anne, I am using a spreadsheet which I know isn’t helpful information. I do know quite a few people who use mint.com and really like it!

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