Vaughn’s 2 year 7 month letter

I haven’t blogged in a long time. There are a lot of transitions happening at Casa de Campbell and eventually I will sit down and write it all out, but that day is a long way away. When I had my ladies I committed to writing them a letter every month for the first year of their life and then a letter every 6 months after that until they move out. So I am a full month behind, but here is my letter to my sweet little Vaughn.

To my spunky, spirited, and sweet Vaughn Emerson,

You, little one, have become a delight since turning two. From 1 year until your 2nd birthday I feared for what daily life would look like for us, but then your second birthday rolled around and you flipped a switch and have been pretty delightful since. You are SpUnKy, you know when you are doing things you shouldn’t be and the faces you make basically render me helpless in disciplining you. You talk a lot, but after spending 10 days in Illinois with Mimi and Papa I realized Ellery and I are essentially the only people who know what you are saying. Your voice sounds like you smoke a pack a day (and we LOVE this about you and will be sad one day if it ever stops). We think you may have done damage to your vocal chords during that year from 1-2 when you screamed many hours a day, yeah it wasn’t very much fun for anyone.

You love playing outside, watching movies, being around Ellery, and dancing. You request a “dance party” almost everyday. You have pretty sick moves! You are also very thoughtful. If you go and get something for yourself you almost always grab one for your sister. She is the first person you ask for when you wake up and the two of you are inseparable which is what this mama always hoped for when I found out Ellery was getting a sister. For the most part you love the water, we had a terrible month long stint of you HATING baths after you had the stomach flu, but luckily you swung back around before the summer hit. You know what you like and want and assert yourself, this is a quality I love about you and hope I can foster over the coming years, I hope you always march to your own drum.

You are starting preschool this fall and I’m starting a job next week, so I have spent the last few months soaking you up, breathing in your scent and trying to commit it all to memory. I read an extra book and sing a longer song these days before nap knowing that this period of life is coming to an end very soon (because despite our best efforts kids don’t nap forever). If someone could invent a potion to keep kids little longer they would be billionaires, but I am doing my best to enjoy a piece of every single phase (even the year of screaming had some good moments). I love watching you grow, make friends and experience new things. YOU ARE MY GIFT and I’m so glad you are mine!!!

Love you FOREVER,


IMG_1486 IMG_1638 IMG_1633 IMG_1632

P.S. You started doing this face for pictures and we laughed so hard the first time that it has become your “signature look” now.