To My Preschool Girl

To my Vaughnie on the night before Preschool,

Oh Vaughn, tomorrow you start the next chapter in your childhood, PRESCHOOL. You are so ready, you have been asking what your teacher’s name is since Ellery started school a few weeks ago. Your teacher’s name is Ms. Heather, but you pronounce it Ms. HeFFer which cracks us all up. You are excited about your backpack, puppy dog lunchbox and new shoes. You did very well at Meet the Teacher night and they found you very sweet.

I hadn’t had time to think about you starting preschool until tonight. Up until today I just looked at it as something that had to happen NOW. I unexpectedly needed to start a new job outside the home and therefore preschool was happening at the perfect time possible. Tonight while we snuggled in bed pretending like it was a boat and a car and snuggling your babies it hit me that tomorrow is the beginning of your life outside of me. You will suddenly have this whole world that I’m not part of. New friends, new experiences, new adults you will trust and love. It’s a GOOD THING, but it’s also the end of a chapter for us.

I am genuinely excited for you! I think you will enjoy making new friends and I can’t wait to see how much you learn and grow this year. I pray you always know how much I love you and that you feel safe and happy in your new environment!

Love you FOREVER


PreK Vaughn