My word for 2018.

As many of you know each year I ask God for a word to live by beginning in January. 2017 was the year of gratitude and that word was extremely helpful as I navigated the hardest year of my life. When God gave me this one for 2018 I literally went back to Him AT LEAST 5 times and said, “are you sure, I’d really like a different one,” but He continued to confirm my word for 2018 is transparency. And so friends, this will be the year where I will share some very personal things that our family was just not ready to publicly share last year. My posts will have to be very thought out and edited and I will have to run them by Andrew because this involves him the most, so the story will come out in small bits over the course of the year. Please be kind as I will be sharing intimate details of my family’s lives. As my mentor Pam has said so many times over the years, “The ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie.” So here we go in 2018, sharing our truth. Stay tuned….more to come soon(ish).

The word Transparency appearing behind torn brown paper.