Our Reset Song

A few months back our worship director did a really fun sermon on worship and talked about how different songs stir up different emotions. He talked about how his family had a song that got them up and going in the mornings and out the door. At our house there is music on pretty much all the time, but if we’ve had a rough day and we just need to reset in the evenings we have one go to song. Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys. I honestly have no idea what the song is about so if it’s about something terrible don’t tell me because it’s our feel good song in our house. We all get into it, dance around the house and by the end of the song everyone is feeling much better. Ellery is a dancing machine and she really gets into this one, you should see the grin on her face when she hears even just the first few beats. If you’ve never heard it CLICK HERE.

Dear Choochie

To my sweet little girl Ellery Wynn,

It feels like a good time to sit down and write you another letter. I want to remember a few things about right now so on the eve of you turning 16 months old here are some things I’m thinking about. I call you Choochie or Chooch. This comes from the silly movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from a weird song sung by weird people, but somehow it just suits you. You love reading books and you’ll sit in your room and read to yourself for a good 20 minutes everyday. I use this time to get dressed and ready and I love listening to you over the monitor. You have the sweetest little voice. You use this super sweet voice to sing while you play the piano. I love that you can reach the keys on your own and you randomly go over to the piano while you are playing in your play room. If I had to pick a favorite thing you started doing this month it would have to be coloring. You are very serious about it. You lay on the floor and hold the crayon just so and then put your face really close to the paper like you are concentrating on what you are drawing. I know while we are experiencing so many firsts during this phase we are also experiencing lasts and I’m trying to soak those times up. I know that yesterday I carried your carseat into the house with you snoring sweetly in it for the last time. You have just hit the 22 pound weight limit and we’ll have to change your seat. As I picked up your warm, snuggly, sleeping body to transfer you to bed it hit me that this was the last time I would do this and I was taken back to the time when you were a mere 7 pounds and I’d lift your tiny little body out of this same seat when motherhood was so new to me. While this has been the most fun phase to date it has also been the most exhausting. We went through a couple weeks where you were up HOURS each night. You even slept in our bed twice. Which was the worst two nights of sleep ever for all of us, while we say we won’t do it again I’m sure we will at some point. You have perfected the pouty lip. I have no idea how you figured it out, but it makes everyone melt. I find it hilarious and sad all at the same time. You are finally warming back up to your daddy which has been super sweet. You are still a little clingy with mama, but I don’t mind, you are my buddy, my sweet girl, my dancing queen, my joy, and such a gift.

Love you forever,

She Did it Again

I can’t say enough good things about Shay Wills Photography. We were recently in Austin for a work/play trip and Shanyn snapped a few photos of my sweet little girl. In about 10 minutes she managed to capture the beauty of this phase. I can’t share all the pictures now because I haven’t decided on the Christmas card picture yet and I like to keep that a surprise if possible. Yesterday she posted a few on Facebook and I’ll show you one more that I’m totally in love with.



She posed herself this way...my little model baby.

She posed herself this way…my little model baby.

I call this one Goober....her expression literally makes me laugh out loud.

I call this one Goober….her expression literally makes me laugh out loud.


It was brought to my attention last night that I am extremely “un-american” I don’t like Thanksgiving food, I don’t like bacon and I don’t drink coffee. I was actually told by this person that he is finding more and more reasons not to like me. Wowzas (he was kind of kidding), don’t worry it wasn’t my husband. I informed them that I am actually likely more American than any of them because my great grandmother was 100% Cherokee. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and I’m determined to not ruin it for everyone else. Thank goodness for Pinterest to get me excited to plan a Thanksgiving day. Just because I don’t enjoy the food doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the day. Come to find out last night my husband LOVES Thanksgiving so I can at least suck it up and let him enjoy himself, thank goodness his mother is coming, I have NO IDEA how to make any of the food.

On another note: My love and I are likely INSANE. We decided to do our kitchen transformation during a crazy busy time of year when our child is in an extremely exploratory phase, and she is getting her molars in which has been a real blast. Party until 3:00AM and all that cool stuff. Yeah we are idiots….

back to my regularly scheduled blog posts soon…….maybe.

Remember that time when my blog worked?

That time before IOS7 came out and my sweet husband just had to update the iPad and I had to lose my ability to post things on the blog. So now I’ll use the clunky web interface instead of the amazing app until we get this all sorted.

I missed blogging so much that I literally had dreams about writing blog posts. I wish I could remember what I wrote about in my dream because while I’ve written many posts in my mind I can’t think of much to write about now that I actually can, so here I go rambling. I will be back to regular blogging soon I hope.

Since I last posted I’m sure a lot has happened that I’m completely forgetting about.

I was going to write a post about Illini football and how I miss the old days. I remember the days when block I was actually located in block I! When everyone sat outside and there wasn’t this gigantic box across the way. I miss when the chief came out on the field, a really fun tradition. Does anybody else miss the announcer saying, “1st and 10 for the Illini?” But what I miss most is having a good team, it’s been quite sometime! Despite all the things I missed I still had a great time going to the game with my sweetie, eating a hotdog, sitting in the cold, watching the band and enjoying the traditions. It’s good to be back in Illini country. And how adorable is my hubs?

We went to Austin last week. Andrew had a work trip there so Ellery and I tagged along. It was so great hanging out with girlfriends I hadn’t seen in 6 months and playing with their kids. Loved hanging out with my family and eating a kid free dinner with 3 men in my life that are super important to me. Loved dressing Ellery up as an owl and having her go trick or treating. Honestly it was one house, but it was adorable and the perfect little photo op.

This week I went to Champaign for work and woke up with a lovely kidney infection. Thankful I was at my parents so they could take care of Ellery while I took care of myself. Can I just say going to work feels like a vacation? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a stay at home mama and I count my blessings everyday for that, but staying home is exhausting and at least for me and my job work is the easier day! So all you stay at home moms out there, if you are wondering, you really do work!!!

Lastly we started redoing our kitchen this week and boy oh boy do I have my work cut out for me, my goal is getting the cabinets done before the Campbells arrive for Thanksgiving, but at this rate I’ll probably have 1/2 done. Can’t wait until I can show you the transformation, it should be huge!

Oh blog how I have missed you!!!