Dear Ellery

To My Independent Ellery Wynn,

I wanted to write to you because I was struck by your beautiful independence today.  It happened at story time.  Typically at story time you are pretty timid and don’t participate a whole lot.  In fact up until about a month ago you would sit still as a statue and quiet as a mouse even though you knew most of the songs and all of the actions.  But not today.  Today you were so sure of yourself and I sat and hoped that my mental video would be good enough.  Today you were the first to jump up to participate.  You were the one who helped the librarian with the flannel graph.  You were the one who danced your little heart out and you, my sweet girl, were the loudest one when the crowd participation was required.  What made my mama heart melt though was after each song was done you looked to the crowd to find me and ran to me with this look of pride on your face.  You see, you are so confident as long as you have a home base.  Right now I’m base.  We see it happen at church all the time.  You love “all your friends” at church, but when you are finished playing with them or having them hold you, you are in search of your base.  I know I won’t always be home base, so right now I’m soaking it all up.  Sometimes when I’m tired and lifting you seems like a little too much I must remember that someday your arms won’t reach for me anymore and that, my little girl, is what every mother hopes for and dreads all at the same time.  I hope that your dad and I raise you with so much confidence that you feel capable of doing anything you set out to do in this life, and above all else I hope that God replaces me as your home base, he is the only one I could really handle giving up that role for!

Love you forever,


Ellery Strawberry


I Might Know the Secret

I’ve always wondered, how do they do it?  How do these moms have clean kids, clean houses, food in the cupboard, dinner on the table and look nice?  I may have discovered the secret over the last week.  They rise early.  We’ve had Ellery up LATE a couple nights and she’s been sleeping in until almost 9.  I however am not programed to sleep in that late so I’m up around 7:30.  Do you know how much you can get done before your kid/kids wake up?  I worked this morning, made my bed, got my dishes cleaning in the dishwasher, and made pancakes all before my little one opened her eyes.  With my child awake these tasks would have taken me the better part of the morning.  I keep trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to keep working when I have baby number two and I think the answer just might be getting up an hour before my kids.  This sounds painful, but just as I thought waking up before 8:00 everyday for about 18 years sounded horrid I have adjusted and I assume I could adjust to getting up around 6:00.  I read something a mom wrote about setting herself up for success each morning and her secret was getting up, showered, and ready before her kids wake up.  I’ve done this a few times and it has REALLY made a difference in my day.  It’s truly amazing how a few minor changes make such huge difference in our day.  Happy Monday 🙂