My Relationship with Yoga

When I was in high school a friend and I attended a yoga class at Gold’s Gym.  If I remember right it was an hour long session and it was my first time ever doing yoga.  I walked out of that class, declared that Yoga had to be straight from the devil, and vowed to never do it again.  I thought it was super painful, in no way was it relaxing, and she played very new age style music which just creeped me out.

Fast forward to January, I got pregnant.  I had a not so fantastic first pregnancy and birth experience and the thought of being pregnant for nine months was less than desirable.  When I was almost 12 weeks along we had dinner with a friend who was much further along in her pregnancy and she recommended these 10 minute pregnancy yoga videos.  I LOVE THEM.  I have done a complete 180 in my view of Yoga and intend to continue at least 10 minute yoga sessions even after Vaughn arrives.  It’s amazing what it does for all the little kinks and pains in my body and when I’m feeling a bit stressed out I find that episode 1 in particular really relaxes me.  When my hips hurt episode 4 is what I turn to.  The videos I like have this adorable pregnant woman with a fantastic accent and her word choices are amazing.  She uses terms like “undulating”, “niggles” and “this might feel a bit tangy.”  If you are pregnant I highly recommend doing these as many times a week as possible, you can find the videos HERE.

Pregnancy Yoga

What’s In a Name : Baby 2

So if you are new around here (which due to my super long hiatus from regular posting I’m doubting there are many newbies) then you might want to read my first what’s in a name post located HERE that I wrote when we named our first born Ellery Wynn.  We are kind of intense when it comes to naming our kids.  At first I thought maybe too intense, and then I realized that all of our parameters actually made choosing a name much more simple than just cracking open a book of 1 million baby names.  Here is the list of criteria for naming our little girl due in October.  It had to be 1 syllable for the first name and 3 for the second.  We wanted the reverse of Ellery so that when we are talking about them together it sounds right.  It has to be a name that is not found in the top 1000 most popular names.  Last year only 23 girls in the united states were named this.  Unfortunately when we named Ellery it was not in the top 1000 and now it’s climbing into popularity.  I had a short day of mourning over that.  The name has to sound like it could be for any aged person, we try to picture calling her this as an infant, in middle school, at high school graduation, at her wedding, as well as a career woman.  The name has to be something that when it is written down people can figure out immediately how you would pronounce it.  While I would love to have a name that my child doesn’t have to constantly spell, unfortunately those don’t exist anymore. Even my name Laura has 3 spellings and I find myself spelling Campbell every single day, never thought I’d have to do that.  And most importantly it has to mean something that we would want for her life.  I won’t tell you what the name is, but there is one very popular little girls name out there that means “ugly” or “helmet head,” sorry but I can’t do that.

Vaughn Emerson Campbell: Small and Powerful.  Standing alone Small or Powerful might not be words that we would want to describe her.  But together we hope it represents that she will be someone to not be underestimated.  Often times small is not something that evokes boldness or confidence, but paired with her middle name it reminds me of the story of David from the Bible.  He was the smallest boy in the group, but with the power of God with him he was bold enough to face the giant that everyone else was terrified of.  I guess that’s what I’ve pictured since we chose the name.

So how did we arrive at Vaughn Emerson?  Well I one time heard the name Vaughn for a little girl and it was just like with Ellery where I thought, “oh man that is a sweet little girls name.”  I put that in my memory bank and when we got pregnant this time around while I thought there was no way no how we were having a girl I asked Andrew that if in the OFF CHANCE we were having a girl, could we use Vaughn?  Andrew was pretty on board with it and when we found out we were in fact having a girl he was sold within the first 24 hours.  Then came the middle name.  We wanted something that went well with Vaughn, preferably something that had an opposite meaning.  The only middle name we seriously considered for a day was Matilda.  Andrew’s great grandmother’s name was Matilda and it means powerful.  I loved the name meaning and honestly like the name Matilda, but I said Vaughn Matilda out loud over and over for a day and it just didn’t have the right ring to it.  I’m not sure who found Emerson, but when I found out it also meant powerful I was pretty much sold.

So there you have it.  And this probably goes without saying, but when we put this much thought into a name it’s not up for debate.  We aren’t looking for an opinion.  I find it hilarious that people think that it’s their place to share what they think about something you are naming YOUR child, but it happens, so I thought I’d just put it out there that we don’t actually care if you wouldn’t name your child this because, well, it isn’t your child.


We Had a Good Day

I write this not to boast about a good day that we had, but more to remind myself that good days exist, and really any day could become a good day.  It’s just now 10 o’clock as I write this and I’ve already felt my patience tank drain to empty.  Yesterday though was a good day.  It could have been a bad day, it started with poop.  And not poop where it should be, poop on crib sheets because somebody has decided that putting hands down pants is the coolest.  If you are tracking with me then you also know that yesterday started with poop on hands and well, we have a thumb sucker so put that together….  Somehow Andrew stayed really calm when he walked in to discover this scene and didn’t even call for me.  As he started running the bath tub I knew that meant sheets would need to be changed, but I wasn’t expecting the poop.  Luckily Andrew and I are both exaggerators so when he told me it was ALL OVER everything in her crib I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really wasn’t all that bad.  I threw the sheets in a hot wash cycle and we moved on with the day.

I went to the chiropractor ALONE, how much of a treat is doing things alone regardless of what it is?  Then I went and got us donuts at DD because it’s down the street and we haven’t really had a donut in a really long time.  When I got home Ellery and I went outside before it got insanely hot and while we were on a walk we ended up getting out and playing with some neighborhood kids while I stood and chatted with the mom.  It was so nice to have some adult conversation and Ellery loved playing with the older kids.  We made it through the whole morning without anyone throwing themselves on the floor in a fit of rage and she was so tired from playing outside that she took a nap without any resistance (which has not been the case the past week).  Then the bonus was she slept long enough that I was able to get all my work done for yesterday AND get a shower without a spectator.  To top off our great day I got a surprise gift card to buy myself something else at motherhood maternity, who doesn’t love an unexpected gift?

When Andrew got off work we went out to Monicals Pizza before we went on a 3 store errand run and Ellery LET US TALK while we were at dinner and she sat in the high chair with very little correction.  Typically dinner out is not really fun or relaxing, but last night it was actually both.  She was also cracking us up.  She is super intense in a funny way and while we strolled around lowes after dinner she sang Jesus Loves Me with lots of conviction and shaking.  It was awesome.  We bought our backsplash tile and with gift cards it ended up being absolutely free.  Thanks to Andrew’s traveling job we had enough CC points to buy what we wanted.  Pleasant surprise there!  Then Andrew sat in the car with Ellery so I could go into Target by myself and browse for a little bit.  We ended the evening splitting a frosty and because we aren’t raising a robot we also ended the evening with an intense tantrum, but because the day was so good it was not that frazzling, and Andrew was here to carry our kicking and screaming child up the stairs.

So now it’s time to reset today.  Yesterday wasn’t off to the greatest start and it ended up being one of our best days in a while.  Thankfully Daniel Tiger is teaching my child some things while I refill my patience tank and when all else fails, there is always chocolate!

Glad I Was/Am Crazy

This week I’ve been thanking my crazy personality.  I’ve been going through all of Ellery’s clothes bins and I’ve been thankful for two things.  I was an insane minimalist and I was psycho about hanging all of Ellery’s clothes (besides sweats, onesies and pajamas).  In case you are wondering why I’m going through Ellery’s clothes it’s because we are having a GIRL in October.  Most of you probably know this, but I realize some of my readers don’t follow me on instagram or facebook.  We are excited and terrified to have SISTERS in our house.  Something neither Andrew or I have ever experienced before.  Girls, never in my life would I have dreamed that I’d have girls.  I always pictured myself as a mom to a house full of boys, but God had different plans and for that I’m so happy.  I spent my week going through all my bins, writing lists, purging things that would not ever work season wise, listing a few things on ebay, putting other things in garage sale boxes, soaking the few things that had stains on them, and getting excited that I will get to buy a few new things, but that I don’t HAVE to buy very much.  And thanks to my bestie Steph my bins that were just about empty after this purge week are almost filled thanks to her little girls ADORABLE hand me downs.  After going through everything and realizing how much I still need for our new addition I’m amazed at how much having the same gender child saves you!  Check back this week for the What’s in a Name: Part Two post.  Where I explain what her name is, how we came up with it, and you realize how incredibly crazy I really am….

It Wasn’t a Bad DAY

We’ve entered a rough patch as far as parenting goes.  Terrible twos are in full swing.  Our poor little girl is frustrated, a lot.  And we are frustrated a lot.  Thrashing on the floor is an everyday occurrence, and we could probably water our yard with the number of tears shed in a week.  We do our best to stay calm while our child is completely out of control, and luckily we have been able to find some humor in it and when it’s reached an insane level of crazy, Andrew and I look at each other and just laugh because there is just about nothing else we can do.  I know it’s a phase, every kid goes through it as they are learning to stretch their wings, communicate their wants, and learn the boundaries.  My oh my is it exhausting for this pregnant mama and sometimes I fight the tears as I wonder how in the world I’m going to parent this little girl while I have a newborn.  At the end of the day I lay my head down and think, whoa today was a rough day, or a bad day, or an exhausting day.

I’m wrong.  It wasn’t really a bad DAY, it was a pretty good day with some bad moments.  While my child has learned to throw epic tantrums, she has also become an incredible sweetheart.  She’s kind, funny, smart, gentle, creative, and such a joy.  Most of the day I seriously think to myself, man I love hanging out with this kid.  I’m writing this to remind myself that bad moments don’t make bad days and only I can reset myself and help my kid reset when she is having a tough day.  We all have rough days, being pregnant I’m reminded what it feels like to be moody, hungry, and not really always in control of my thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes I expect my kid to behave all day long, but honestly I don’t “behave” all day long everyday.  Bad moments don’t make bad days, bad days are made when I make the choice to not move on from the bad moment.  Raising a kid…soon to be kids, not the easiest thing I’ve done in my life, but most definitely one of the best.