Capsule Wardrobing

Un-Fancy Capsule Wardrobe

Since giving up my normal clothes about 6 months ago (at least my pants) when I started growing with this pregnancy I have become interested in this idea of creating a wardrobe I really like that has much fewer pieces.  It has become much easier to get dressed knowing that I only have a couple dresses that fit and having 4 or 5 pairs of pants, 1 pair of leggings, 2 maxi skirts, 2 shorter skirts and maybe 15 tops.  I have definitely found myself needing to do laundry more often, but having a small closet has been pretty nice.  I’m definitely ready to get back to some of my “normal” clothes and I’ve started exploring fashion and what I might need as I transition back into non-maternity clothing.

I stumbled upon this blog a couple weeks ago through a recommendation from another blog I follow and I am now a little obsessed.  The blog is called Un-Fancy and it’s all about creating what she calls a capsule wardrobe.  You then have 4 capsules Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall and each capsule has 37 pieces including shoes, but not including accessories.  She has a pretty hefty budget per capsule, but I’m confident this could be modified to fit whatever budget you have for clothing or even just working with what you have.  As I build a post baby wardrobe I’m definitely planning to adopt this method and create a well curated fall capsule wardrobe which will help me not buy too many things in this awkward transition time and also hopefully help me be inspired to get dressed *most* days.  If this is something you are interested in I HIGHLY recommend checking out her blog.  If you want to know more about how to create a capsule wardrobe just click on the picture at the top and it will direct you to her page where she explains all about it.

Aldi, How I Love Thee


So if you know me personally you probably have wondered secretly if I’m being paid by Aldi because I rave about it everywhere I go (I’m not).  When we first started tracking what we were spending I just about peed my pants when I found out how much we spent on groceries every month.  The first month I shopped at Aldi I was able to cut $250 from our grocery bill.  Yes, for a family of 3 I shaved off $250, that’s no joke!  I will say I don’t love EVERYTHING they have there so I’m going to do you a favor and tell you about the things that are surprisingly great and not so great.

Not so great:

  • English muffins: I think these are awful, super dry and kind of hard.
  • Chocolate chips: I personally think they taste chalky.
  • Boulder Napkins: You need to use like 3 or 4 to accomplish the job of 1
  • Apples: Last year they were great, this year I’ve had a lot of bad ones
  • Pizza: We’ve had a couple good frozen pizzas from there, but for the most part I’ve been disappointed.  And now we are into homemade pizza so it’s a non-issue.

Surprisingly great:

  • Sourdough bread: almost bakery quality
  • Humus: especially the roasted red pepper
  • Trail Mix: Just as good as any I’ve had and quite a bit cheaper
  • Savoritz Wheat Thins: I prefer these over name brand wheat thins now
  • Maple Syrup: Andrew bought “Canadian maple syrup” last time he was in Canda.  I bought the Aldi stuff.  He tasted them, there was no difference, and when we looked on the back of the bottle it was the same grade Canadian maple syrup.  The stuff he bought was just about 3 times more expensive.
  • Boulder Paper Towels: While their napkins aren’t great, the paper towels are
  • Produce: Besides the bags of apples I have no complaints about the produce.  They also have an organic section now if that’s important to you.
  • Spaghetti Sauce: I really like the Organic Tomato Basil
  • Their version of Hawaiian Rolls are ALMOST as good as the real thing which is worth the money savings to me.

And here are a few more things I love about Aldi in general:

  • They have quite a bit of name brand merchandise on specials.  They are only there while supplies last, but I always enjoy seeing what they have and getting a special “treat” like a box of Ghiradelli brownies or a can of Pringles.
  • I can do a weeks worth of grocery shopping in less than 30 minutes and less than $100.  There is basically one choice for everything which makes it a very quick trip and with a 2 year old this is a major added bonus.
  • I personally like bagging my own groceries because I like to use the green bags and always feel weird doing that at a regular grocery store where there is a line of people waiting for you to finish and watching you.
  • You want to see the fastest checkers in all the land?  They are at Aldi.  I have never waited long in a line even when it’s busy and there is only one cashier.
  • I love knowing that I’m not paying for frills, I’m paying for food which is what I personally go to the grocery store to purchase.

So if you have been hesitant to try out Aldi, wait no longer, your budget with thank you!!

Facebook Etiquette


Recently a friend of mine had something happen to them that made me realize this post is unfortunately necessary for all age groups of people using Facebook.  I thought this was common sense, but then I’ve seen this simple rule violated OVER and OVER again and I feel the need to share this……

If it’s not your news, don’t share it first.

I know it’s like um, duh, but I feel the need to post this because people don’t get that.  If your friend has a baby and hasn’t announced on Facebook that she had the baby, don’t post congratulations on her wall….it’s not public knowledge yet.  If you go to the hospital and see this sweet baby and take pictures, but the parent’s themselves haven’t posted pictures yet, it’s not your turn to post a picture (this also goes for Instagram).  If you attend a gender reveal party and find out what someone is having and they haven’t posted it on Facebook yet, there is no need to announce it to the world….remember people Facebook is the world.  And please, if your friend tells you they are pregnant, or newly engaged, or got a new job, or any other exciting news of life, it’s not time to post a congratulations on their page until they have made the announcement themselves.  Am I being clear enough on here??

The ONLY exception I can think of is if someone gets married and you took pictures at their wedding.  It’s totally acceptable to post the pictures to their wall because every bride wants to see pictures from their day and they will be waiting weeks for the professional pictures to be edited.  Just do her a favor and make sure she is looking especially gorgeous.

Pass it on friends, let’s spread the word.  If it’s not your news to share, please don’t share it first!!!

Because I’m a Little Bit Crazy

So as our friends and family know we’ve been slammed with some large expenses lately.  Our car crapped out, which totally stunk, but we are enjoying our swagger wagon, so that’s a positive.  The next week our water heater quit working, which was WAY more expensive than you would ever think to put a new one in.  24 hours later our sump pump went on the fritz….luckily that one was a free fix, and that’s when this pregnant woman SNAPPED.  Like, told my husband we were selling the house and moving into a tiny rental property.  My husband humored me while I went on rant after rant about how we need to move and sell half of our possessions and downsize and yada yada yada.  Then I came to my senses, kind of.  We prayed about it, asked God to provide opportunities to make a bit more money to cover some of these unexpected expenses and within 24 hours we had a few answers.

Starting this Friday I’m going to be watching a child from the neighborhood, only on Fridays and for now just through September until I get settled with having two and then I’ll take him back.  I thought about the money side of it for days and today when we met we both had the same number in mind and it just feels really right.  I’m excited to start doing some preschool type stuff with the kids on Friday mornings in January, and I think Ellery will love having a playmate that is not too much younger than her.

The same week I was presented with this opportunity I also was contacted about contracting for Andrew’s company doing projects like data mining.  I started today and thoroughly enjoyed the mindless work.  While I can work as many hours as I would like at my permanent job, I sometimes can’t handle more than a couple hours a day mentally since I’m also a full time stay at home mom, so I’m looking forward to having a mindless job to make some extra money in the evenings.

Sometimes I really want an easy fix, like unexpected checks in the mail, but this time I am super thankful for opportunities to help us save some reserve money before I’m off for a little while snuggling this new baby and sleeping as much as humanly possible with two kids.  When I tell people about what I’ve taken on for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy I can tell they think I’m totally crazy, but I think that perhaps it will be a fantastic opportunity to keep busy and pass the time while we wait!