Seven Month Letter

To My Hair Grabbing Vaughn Emerson,

This month has been one with a lot of crying and I have no idea why really.  Maybe teeth, maybe something else, maybe just a fussy month, but goodness it was a long few weeks!  The funny thing is, you are happy all the time around other people, it’s really just me that you cry for.  When your dad is in the room, you are all smiles, when we are out in public you almost never shed a tear, but put you in a room alone with me and it’s water works.  Considering I’m the one who is with you alone for most of the day everyday, this has gotten a little tiring!  One thing that immediately gets you to quit crying is grabbing hair.  You absolutely love it and we all hate it.  I mean it’s funny and your dad and I secretly laugh about it, but your poor sister has really had to get her head toughened up because as soon as you are close enough you grab a handful every single time.  You are a mover!!  I was not ready for this at 7 months, but you army crawl around the floor and can pretty much get to whatever you want.  You also are getting up on your knees occasionally so I’m assuming crawling is in our near future.  You are SO close to going from lying down to sitting up on your own.  We started food this month and as I suspected you love it!  We are trying out baby led weaning and while it is a little bit terrifying you are so into it that it’s kind of cool.  Like you’ll eat a whole slice of watermelon or huge strawberries all by yourself.  Pretty impressive for someone who has zero teeth.  You also are a fan of the purees, but your preference would definitely be to hold the food and feed yourself.  Once we started food you started sleeping pretty consistently 7:30pm to 7:00am without getting up.  It’s definitely nice to not have to get up at 4am everyday and feed you.  Your sister makes you laugh so hard, sometimes it’s like you can’t even breathe you are laughing so hard, and that is just about the sweetest thing ever.  Despite your fantastic rolls you are actually getting to be on the smaller side and at your last appointment you were in the 17th percentile for height and 38th for weight, sounds pretty perfect to me.  You are such a delight and I just seriously can’t imagine our family without you.

Love you forever,


I’m Gonna Need You to Pee Your Pants

ya aint cool

Potty Training….I was dreading it from pretty much the moment I found out I was pregnant with Ellery.  I enrolled her in preschool that starts September 1st and she has to be self sufficiently potty trained by then in order to go, as of right now I feel like she might not be going.  The kid is trying SO hard.  She literally sits on the potty HOURS a day by her choice and works so hard to not pee her pants, but without fail 5 minutes after she gets off the potty (after sitting for an hour) she pees her pants.  We have so far had zero success, literally since starting on Saturday morning we have had no pee in the potty.

The only way I’m coping with this is, I think about how hard it would be for someone to tell me that there is no such thing as a toilet anymore and I’m going to have to start peeing my pants.  Seriously, Elle’s entire life all she has known is diapers, and now suddenly she has to use a potty.  If I told you, “I’m gonna need you to pee your pants,” could you?  I know I couldn’t.  It would take me FOREVER to be able to do that and to do that consistently, I just can’t even imagine. The other thing saving me from going crazy is she is really into it, believe it or not she asks to wear undies and sit on the potty and so I am just trying to go with it.  Believe me, what I WANT to do is put a diaper on and try again in a month or two, but she is pushing me to keep going.  Anyone who has had a similar experience I am VERY open to advice (comments are off on the blog, so feel free to PM me on FB, or leave a message in the FB comments).  We just REALLY need one success in the next 24-48 hours in order to have the motivation to keep going.

6 Month Letter

To my Ever Changing Vaughn Emerson,

The day after you turned 5 months you rolled over from back to front and then the next day rolled across the floor that way. You also started showing signs of teething at the same time, somehow you still haven’t cut your bottom teeth, but you’ve been working on it all month long.  This month I can barely keep up with all the changes.  The night we had a tornado warning we were downstairs with our friends and you sat up by yourself for the first time and sat there for quite some time.  You slept for the longest stretch to date too.  I fed you at 6:00pm, put you to bed at 7:00pm and at 8:00am the next morning I woke you up because I couldn’t stand to not feed you any longer.  I wish this had kept up, but we are settling in at getting up just once a “night” around 5AM so I will refrain from complaining.  You sleep so much better now that you can roll over to your tummy and you now sleep in a sleep sack instead of a swaddle, it was sad to say goodbye to the baby burrito phase.  You pretty much are at the point where you eat every four hours and take two 2 hour naps so I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t just a phase and that we are actually into the two nap routine because it has been nice!  I have honestly been too lazy to start you on solid foods, but maybe sometime this month I will get around to it, you are definitely very interested in it.  You took your first flight this month to Boston to visit family and, my oh my, you decided to be a Mama’s girl on that trip.  Pretty much if anyone wanted to hold you I had to be completely out of sight.  You also were not at all a fan of the plane and barely slept during all the flights.  While we were there you figured out how to make this wheezing breathing noise that made me a little worried at first, but then we realized you just figured out a new sound.  When we got home you learned a shrieking sound, glad you hadn’t discovered that before our plane rides.  You are a total sweetheart and content most of the time, you still think Ellery is the coolest thing on the planet, and we all adore you so much!

Love you forever,