To My 3 Year Old

To My Beautiful Sweet Loving Caring Ellery Wynn,

You are 3, THREE, three…..  I seriously can’t get over this one.  Everyone says your kid’s childhood goes so fast, and up until a few months ago I somewhat didn’t believe it.  Then suddenly it started to hit me.  I think it was when I officially enrolled you in preschool and I realized that my time with you at home is some what coming to an end.  I have had 3 years with you at home all day almost every single day and I am SO glad I have been able to spend that time with you.  I keep telling myself that preschool will be good for you and good for me, which in turn will be good for us, but man oh man I’ll miss your spunk those 12 hours!  It’s been a tough 6 months, I’m not gonna lie to you, there is no pretty way to put it, you have been a challenge.  This phase, in fact, was so nasty that our friends and family started to say, “yeah, she’s not much fun to be around anymore.”  But about a month ago you really turned a corner and while we still have our moments (and I imagine we will still have moments over the next….rest of our years) we have started to see much more happy and fun Ellery and for that I am so thankful.  We left you for 4 days and 3 nights with Mimi and Papa while we went house shopping in Austin and I was so worried, but you had a blast and never were upset about us being gone.  You had about the best few days ever and cried for Mimi and Papa everyday for a week after.  You probably really enjoyed the undivided attention.  The past month has proven difficult with little hands around to grab everything you are playing with.  Of course whatever you have is the most interesting thing in the room to Vaughn and now that she moves really fast it’s just a matter of seconds before she’s trying to snatch it.  You have become very gentle with her and are pretty good about giving her something to play with to keep her occupied.  The sweetest thing happened the other day: we were driving somewhere and she was screaming, you had the ipad on your lap playing apps, you said, “Vaughn it’s time to sleep” and then turned the white noise on for her (without me suggesting it), and she actually fell asleep!!  Did a Mama’s heart so good to see you choosing to take care of her.  We have started being able to play games!!! We are in that sweet spot where you can actually play, but haven’t become obsessed with winning, so it’s actually just fun to play.  You got several games for your birthday and it’s been great having some new things to play with.  We celebrated this year very low key with our family, Mac & cheese and a strawberry cake per your request.  You are a complete stitch, Kevin commented that you might be stealing the spot of family comedian from him.  Your facial expressions are still just the best.  You also have a vivid imagination and listening to you pretend is so very fun.  We had your 3 year check up today and while we waited you turned the table into a barn and scolded the bunny rabbits for leaving the barn (you are in the 80th percentile for height and weight by the way).  We are moving to Austin, TX in two weeks and I am praying for a smooth transition for you, I’m really hoping the playset in the backyard will soften the blow!  You actually think we are moving IN with Uncle Bryan so that might be a disappointment when you realize we are actually moving down the street from him.  I’m excited to see who you become especially as you spread your wings this year and preschool and hopefully make some friends.  I delight in you my sweet Ellery Wynn and I’m so glad you are mine!

Love you forever,