18 Month Letter

To Our Grumpy Girl Vaughn Emerson,

We call you grumplestitlskin.  They say there are 5 types of babies, one of them is categorized as grumpy and I would say most days you fit the bill.  We don’t really know what you are mad about a lot of the time, people say once you begin talking you will not be as frustrated, but I don’t know about that.  Despite your temper and general grumpy demeanor you are hilarious.  You make us laugh everyday and the faces you make are the best I’ve ever seen.  You are also so affectionate, reach for kisses all the time, and it’s just the sweetest thing.  You are becoming more of a snuggler and will sit and watch most of a movie with us.  I’m definitely looking forward to more family movie nights this summer.  We bribe you to sit with us by giving you one piece of popcorn at a time and that works for a long time!  I am so lucky that you adore your daddy and let him do a lot for you.  He does bedtime with you almost every single night.  You squeal with glee when he walks through the door after work every evening.  Speaking of adoration, you couldn’t love your sister more.  She can do no wrong in your eyes despite the fact that she pushes you and yells at you and snatches things from your hands constantly.  I think you two will be really good friends when you grow up and also complete rivals, I’m told this is a sister relationship so I will just try to prepare myself for the rollercoaster of raising girls.  I am so delighted that I get to be your mama, you are seriously such a joy and despite the tantrums and attitude I could still just eat you up!!!

Love you forever,


She may have faceplanted while I was out of town, hence the bruise on her forehead...

She may have faceplanted while I was out of town, hence the bruise on her forehead… and this face is the perfect example of her sass, she pitched a royal fit when we put her in church childcare.