One Dress, Four Ways

I recently started following more fashion blogs. In an attempt to dress more like I did pre-baby I thought I would spend a little time each week browsing blogs, staying up on trends and gathering inspiration. I stumbled upon putting me together through Pinterest and I really like her blog a lot. She is having a link party today and challenging people to style one article of clothing multiple ways. I decided to take the dress I bought to wear on our anniversary this year and challenge myself to style it for all 4 seasons. I honestly was and still am iffy on whether or not I really love the dress, but it was cheap and white so I went for it. Turns out I like it tons more for winter than I did for summer. I apologize for the picture quality, these were taken by my love, in the corner of our living room, on the iPad, as quickly as possible before little missy got up from nap. I have a whole new appreciation for the fashion bloggers who have beautiful professional quality photographs everyday…I think I’ll stick to word blogging with pictures thrown in here and there.



4 thoughts on “One Dress, Four Ways

  1. Love this! I also follow Putting Me Together. I miss you challenging me in thinking outside the box for my wardrobe. You always mix and match so well. I need my style coach back!!

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