It was brought to my attention last night that I am extremely “un-american” I don’t like Thanksgiving food, I don’t like bacon and I don’t drink coffee. I was actually told by this person that he is finding more and more reasons not to like me. Wowzas (he was kind of kidding), don’t worry it wasn’t my husband. I informed them that I am actually likely more American than any of them because my great grandmother was 100% Cherokee. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and I’m determined to not ruin it for everyone else. Thank goodness for Pinterest to get me excited to plan a Thanksgiving day. Just because I don’t enjoy the food doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the day. Come to find out last night my husband LOVES Thanksgiving so I can at least suck it up and let him enjoy himself, thank goodness his mother is coming, I have NO IDEA how to make any of the food.

On another note: My love and I are likely INSANE. We decided to do our kitchen transformation during a crazy busy time of year when our child is in an extremely exploratory phase, and she is getting her molars in which has been a real blast. Party until 3:00AM and all that cool stuff. Yeah we are idiots….

back to my regularly scheduled blog posts soon…….maybe.

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