To my VERY 3 year old Vaughn

To my quirky, likes things “just so” Vaughn Emerson,

Well dolly, this is LATE. Life got very in the way of my letter writing in October when I lost my job and then got a new job ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. Yes it was a crazy couple weeks, but all is well now. All that to say, sorry, for not getting your three year old letter written.

You, my little one, are a HANDFUL. I adore you more than words could ever say. Your smile is one of the sweetest sights on this Earth. You are super funny, this will most likely be a trait that gets you in trouble once you start kindergarten. We all have a very hard time keeping a straight face when you are being naughty because you do it in the most hilarious ways.

You are a creature of HABIT. Everything must be EXACTLY the way you like it or a 20 minute tantrum ensues. You spend a lot of your life on the floor screaming because I just can’t keep up with all the things you have to have a certain way. The most annoying one endearing one is the way you have to go to the bathroom. You must go to the bathroom, I must wipe, then I must wash my hands, then I have to turn of the light AS you flush the toilet. As soon as you flush I am required to hold your hand and run through the house for the amount of time the toilet is flushing. If I do not execute this PERFECTLY everyone in the neighborhood is notified by your massive screaming meltdown. The same is true for opening and closing the garage door. Basically you make me want to never leave the house and not give you any water so none of these situations present themselves. I’m kidding I give you tons of water.

You are very much a mama’s girl, you do not allow anyone to help me with anything when it comes to you, which I’ll be honest is absolutely exhausting. The funny thing about motherhood though, sweet girl, is no matter how much you exhaust me or how frustrated I feel with you, I miss you ALL DAY LONG. When I’m at work, my heart is with you and your sister. I think about what you are doing, how you are feeling, wishing I could pick you up from school and know every little thing about your day. You are a GIFT in my life and I thank God for you every day that he found ME suitable to be the mother of you.

Love you FOREVER,