About the Campbells

Laura and Andrew were married August 9, 2008 in Champaign, Illinois. Andrew is a chemist, born and raised in New England. Laura is a stay at home mom to our sweet Ellery Wynn born July 21, 2012.  We spent about 2 years living in Austin, Texas and missed the midwest terribly. One thing led to another, and we’re now residents of Peoria, Illinois!


One thought on “About the Campbells

  1. I love this 40 days of faith thing that you are doing Andrew. I have really had a hard time with the whole Lint thing in the past, but I think it is a great idea. I like what you are doing and the purpose behind it! God is good and will work this prayer thing out. I think sometimes we stumble because we do not know where God will take us. Yep, I think that is where the whole “faith” thing comes in. Good luck and I will be in prayer for you and Laura.

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